As part of each project assignment and within the tradition of the founder´s function as Fulbright ambassador it comes naturally to appreciate foreign cultures and ways of thinking also within 37 Centigrades AG´s corporate culture.

Competencies and experience result in trust. The latter is a pre-requisite for partnerships on equal level.

Change is a permanent, loyal companion in private and professional life. It requires continuous learning and re-inventing yourself. Change also requires sharing of knowledge so that all can climb up the learning curve jointly resulting in a win-win situation.

Leadership has many flavors, which shall be balanced out. One can lead the customer as well as the project team. It implies giving clear instructions and communication of expectations. Nonetheless, leadership also means taking yourself back if things are on the right way.

Teamwork has been an inherent part of the founder´s professional progress eventually leading into 37 Centigrades AG. It is the key to reaching the goal. Only high performing, functioning teams can celebrate accomplishments that go beyond current standards.