Machine Learning * Artificial Intelligence + User Experience = Regulatory Affairs – Has “HAL” arrived eventually or better: “Is he back”?

We were smiling about Arnold Schwarzenegger´s famous quote "I´ll be back" in the 1991 movie picture Terminator 2 believing that the presented was all made up and probably nothing to be really scared of. When looking around in 2017 - is that assessment still true? Digitalization and automation are the current buzz words and topics such as machine learning and artificial intelligence are not too far away from daily experience - well, if we are honest they are there already.

This presentation is a teaser to our minds on what we experience daily in terms of technological advancements hitting fast and being impossible to stop - and what could it mean to our interaction with computers in general and in the context of the computerized, regulatory affairs value chain in particular. It will go hand-in hand with another presenter´s presentation "The Grand Design" and build on that.

Also, some teaser thoughts shall be shared on what usage of the mentioned technologies would mean on operating a system under validated conditions - without having all answers at hand.

Additional Info

  • Date(s): 11–May–2017
  • Event/Context: BE THE EXPERT 19th Amplexor Conference
  • Location(s): Budapest, Hungary
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